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Build your own ICT infrastructure either within your own data center or hosted in a Tier 3 certified data center. In addition, you can register your domain with us, we offer you a complete infrastructure solution

Infrasrtucture Servies

Our services for building, activating and monitoring networks are based on simplifying network construction and management and keeping pace with the changing needs of an evolving workforce. Expansion of vast resources can be achieved and managed all from one screen, anywhere on any device.

High-performance, secure enterprise wireless with Wi-Fi 6 . support

Load balancing solutions and systems are essential to networks, as they are used to balance traffic across multiple servers in a server farm. Load balancers improve application availability and responsiveness, and prevent server overload.
Each load balancer sits between client machines and backend servers, receives incoming requests and then distributes them to any available server capable of fulfilling them.

All brands are available including installation and support services

Network mapping is a process used to discover and visualize the connectivity of a physical and virtual network across a set of interrelated tasks that facilitate the creation of a network map, including flowcharts, network diagrams, topology discovery, and hardware inventories. It is geared towards creating visual aids and materials that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, especially network maintenance

Host your data and equipment in a trusted, certified and scalable data center within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in our data center within an STC certified Tier 3 data center. Hosting services and shared spaces can be restricted if service providers are not cooperative, we offer more plans Flexible hosting and shared spaces.
You can also get your own .sa domain name