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Managed Services

Improve your daily business operations without! The need to have IT experience in your workplace. We can provide the following management services to your organization remotely through pay-as-you-go pricing model: - Infrastructure, - Security Services - Network

Managed Services

We offer our clients managed server support for different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Solaris as well as managed server support services for different versions of Windows Server, and in addition we extend our support to servers running ASP and ASP.NET scripting frameworks helping you focus on your core business.
We also provide support for Linux servers with an open source platform which makes running a Linux server easier, and we provide managed server support for Linux servers using Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and other Linux distributors.
Our experts also provide support for the Oracle Solaris operating system, which provides a high-performance platform, and our technicians are experts in WebLogic Server and Solaris Cluster Data Service among other Oracle products.

Every type of business needs a backup storage plan to keep important data away from unexpected threats, and the best way to do this is to choose a cloud service provider that offers reliable managed storage and backup services.

Choosing our local cloud services will avoid you from the compliance issues that you may face with other service providers, because we provide advanced services aimed at ensuring business continuity in the event of damage to the on-site servers after any form of disaster, God forbid, and this ensures that you have a secure and accessible site to store your information.

There are a number of options to choose from ranging from simple to complex, so users can rest assured that their information is not only preserved but also secured, often with exceptional growth enabling you to tweak your systems to ensure your operations are simpler.

Microsoft Exchange Server is easy to operate and understand when a team of experts is available to do the job. After the facility uses Microsoft Exchange, there is no need to invest in hardware, software, security or utility changes, which means there will be less maintenance at a lower cost, and without the need for Pay the cost of implementing the actual system in full, as the entire system will be hosted.

Infrastructure and the systems, hardware and software it contains are critical to business success, success, and growth, with this in mind, organizations and businesses need performance that does not let them down and gives businesses the consistency they need to stay on target with deadlines and growth goals.

Our system monitors IT infrastructure and diagnoses concerns, and detects errors and emerging issues in a timely manner, so clearing up issues early is part of our infrastructure monitoring and management systems to-do list, and we ensure they are completed efficiently that meets all business requirements, no matter how complex and its dynamics.

IT professionals are always exposed to abundant information, and from here serious problems may arise if the tools used to deal with this abundance of information fail to communicate effectively between them, which may lead to a sudden rise in risks and costs, and thus slow down the response of IT professionals to solve these problems. In the end, this may lead to business losses in money and customers.

That’s why our IT management services are ideal and critical to overcoming these issues, providing businesses with increased visibility, increased data sharing, and automated risk response to improve security and reduce costs.

The Managed Network Operations Center service is designed to serve as an extension of your organization’s IT infrastructure. We can provide a seamless experience of owning a Network Operations Center for any organization without having to invest in one

With a managed Security Operations Center, organizations can have 24/7 monitoring without spending the large cash reserves equivalent to a traditional SOC. SOC-as-a-service provides dedicated security analysts and engineers to monitor network activities for a wide variety of organizations.

With advanced skill sets of our professionals, they are well-equipped to install necessary cybersecurity patches, generate timely reports, and assess the status of network activities.

LAN plays an important role in the performance of your IT infrastructure. If you have your own LAN ports, it can be really costly and time consuming to maintain and operate, which is why managed LAN services are so important. Boost your team’s productivity by reducing downtime Since lack of on-premises maintenance causes constant network maintenance, our support frees your team to focus fully on their projects and tasks.

Our range has a large number of options, which can be chosen in a mix-and-match approach, or we can design an entirely unique system to meet your individual needs. There are multiple levels to choose from, so you have an affordable and scalable LAN. Infrastructure is fully taken care of, so your business can focus on growth

Are you looking for different ways to apply the “together but separately” philosophy to your business sites? It has certainly become a necessity for many companies that choose to work on a telecommuting basis, whether it is for a small organization or a large company, with a philosophy like this Can you take responsibility for managing your employees remotely? Why do it yourself when our qualified professionals make sure your network is up and running around the clock?

With our Managed WAN service, you will not get lukewarm effort at any level, you will start your entire business at a better level, moreover, the efficiency will be at an all-time high as you will have access to specific alerts to let you know when a breach occurs. In order to keep your network at its best performance, we provide an integrated service starting from the general design of your WAN right through to the management of your WAN.

If the goal is to keep the entire architecture of your firewall intact, our Managed Firewall Services are something you need. At the very least, your cyber security largely depends on the type of protection we offer our clients. Regardless of your business plan and structure, this is protection that you cannot fully function without especially as you grow and expand.
What’s more, it’s more multi-layered than it portrays, and with that in mind, we can offer you around-the-clock monitoring and it’s also done in real time.
Best of all, you don’t have to bother with managing your firewall services, let the professionals do all the heavy work while you focus only on growing your business.

Enjoy the world-class Unified Communications suite that provides flexible and affordable VoIP services. Our managed voice services are designed to improve the way your business communicates and collaborates with one platform, one bill, and one point of contact.

Traditionally, companies in Saudi Arabia rely on landline phones, and these phones were usually made of a copper wire and a wall socket with pins, and this was in the nineteenth century since the invention of this technology. Later this technology underwent a massive change, but its capabilities are still somewhat limited, as these phones cannot provide more than some standard functions, such as voice mail and blocking, and also the dependence of these phones on analog technology is an obstacle.
IP or VoIP phones have changed the game by making calls over the Internet rather than relying on traditional wires. This technology does not require any specialized hardware, which has accelerated its rate of adoption, all you need is an internet connection.

Seamlessly connect remote teams, multiple offices, partners, and customers. Increase employee productivity by allowing them to communicate anytime, anywhere with best-in-class audio conferencing technologies. Our services provide the Saudi market with a great conference experience for meetings and events, of any size, anytime and anywhere with crystal clear sound quality while ensuring that all attendees are able to join and participate easily.

Establishments aspire to raise the quality of their events and activities to higher levels, so how do enterprises manage their events and activities? For a long time, event planners have continued to face many barriers and issues such as low attendance participation, staff shortages, and budget problems are some of the biggest pain points in traditional event management.
By investing in digital event management services, organizations can address their problems in a faster time, as the emergence of modern digital technology has created a wide range of opportunities for events and events to become more efficient and integrated, where digital event management services can be more effective.
Engaging the increasingly digital customer base in Saudi Arabia, we must move forward with contemporary digital technology by interacting with customers based on the latest digital tools.. Our services ensure that facilities remain competitive by integrating all modern features in virtual events.

Corporate collaboration is at its best now, as CEOs and managers make critical decisions from the boardrooms, which is where your key presentations are based. With our smart meeting room solutions, meetings are scheduled and started on time using the latest audio-visual tools that increase corporate collaboration.
Our tailor-made solutions adapt to any business in Saudi Arabia, whether you need decision rooms, corporate rooms, technical offices or critical environments 24/7, our specialized teams install lighting, work comfortably, and adjust heating conditions. and ventilation and air conditioning, before designing and implementing exclusive meeting solutions.

Our teams of highly skilled and professional experts implement these services, but penetration testing is closely related to ethical hacking, so these two terms are often used interchangeably, however there is a fine difference between these two terms.
Penetration testing: It is a specific term and focuses only on the detection of weaknesses, risks and the target environment with the aim of securing and controlling the system, or in other words, penetration testing targets the defense systems of an organization that consists of all computer systems and its infrastructure.
Ethical Hacking: It is an umbrella term that covers all hacking techniques and other related computer attack techniques, so besides discovering security holes and vulnerabilities, and ensuring the security of the target system, it goes beyond hacking the system but with prior permission in accordance with mutually agreed terms of cooperation in order to protect security for the purpose of Prospective, which means stopping penetration tests before we do any damage to our customers’ infrastructure or release any important data.

Network investigation services fall under the umbrella of Digital Investigations, and are related to the investigation of evidence left on the network in the aftermath of a cyber attack. This guide provides clues to the vulnerabilities that led to the breach and who might be behind it.
Regardless of “who”, the “how” question is answered with a comprehensive network scan of how the breach occurred, allowing companies to draw actionable conclusions about their security state and apply needed fixes accordingly.

Organizations can receive hundreds of false alarms from the Terminal Intrusion Detection System, all of which must be investigated in the event of a serious threat. With so many peripherals in an environment, this can take hours and even days, during which time the organization is at risk of data theft or breach.
Our endpoint investigation services enable organizations to identify attacker behaviour, tactics, techniques, and procedures, and do so across thousands of end devices at lightning speed.

Connect your branches and multiple business locations privately via managed VPNs without installing private lines or having to purchase expensive VPN equipment. The ability to transmit sensitive business data over an extensive network ensures that your data is protected.

You don’t have to be a business owner to know the value of a strong Wi-Fi connection, however, every type of business needs a wireless network to facilitate the smooth running of business. If you really want to access this Wifi hotspot, why not outsource the management of your Wifi? We provide the best wireless network management services through our professional technicians, which facilitates your work and saves you time and money.

Vulnerability assessment and vulnerability analysis is the process of identifying, identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures.
Vulnerability assessments provide an organization with the necessary knowledge, awareness, and risk backgrounds to understand and deal with threats to its environment, and aim to identify threats and risks that they pose, and typically include the use of automated testing tools such as network security scanners, the results of which are listed in the Vulnerability Assessment Report .
Organizations of any size, or even individuals who face increased risks from cyberattacks, can benefit from some form of vulnerability assessment, but large organizations and other types of organizations that are under constant attack will benefit most from a vulnerability analysis.