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We provide fast, reliable and secure communication services for your business. Our excellent relationship with all data service providers are insurance companies in Saudi Arabia that offer your business redundant and highly available communication solutions that take your business to greater heights.


Through our partners, we provide secure, reliable and stable internet services to our business customers. Whether you need a dedicated Internet connection with 1:1 symmetric upload and download, ultra-fast speed and great scalability, or you need shared Internet services according to your business needs.

A VPN allows remote users to securely access and use applications and data in a corporate data center and headquarters. A VPN does this by creating a private tunnel between the enterprise network and the remote user even though the user may be in a public place, It encrypts data traffic, so users working remotely can securely access and use their organization’s network in the same way as if they were physically located in the office. Organizations can also securely connect all their branches and offices and make all resources available regardless of the location of the branch or the location of the data center.

As organizations continue to move their applications to the cloud and enable work across environments and from anywhere, networking and security solutions such as SD WAN and SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) are essential to enable this transformation, and with more SaaS-based SaaS in the cloud and the exponential increase In remote workers, organizations are thinking of SD-WAN and SASE as a way to address the performance and security of their applications and workforces. The new SD-WAN service operated by Cisco will provide dynamic application-aware routing and integration with existing network transports such as dedicated Internet, MPLS, LTE and 5G. Contactless provisioning, integrated security, improved cloud connectivity, and visibility into the performance of network applications are all included as part of the offer. All of these capabilities are required by companies moving towards a hybrid/multi-cloud environment.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most popular cloud platforms for businesses today. The platform hosts over a hundred built-in services that enable organizations to reduce costs, increase resource efficiency, and take advantage of the many benefits of modern computing technologies available on the Amazon cloud to help our customers get them right. .
We provide full AWS Direct Connect services in Saudi Arabia to organizations across Saudi Arabia and beyond.

ExpressRoute provides seamless integration and support for Office 365 as well as Microsoft Azure migration. We do this by developing private and secure communications between the Microsoft cloud and on-premises infrastructure or shared spaces.